EverRanch has Lambs!!!

     On Monday, March 4th (2002), and again on Thursday, March 7th (2002), we were honored by the births of twin lambs.  We didn't witness the arrival of the first set, we walked out for the evening feeding and there they were!  We did however, have the opportunity to witness and assist with the arrival of the second set.  Truly an amazing thing to witness, and it marks the first births seen on our farm.
The photo on the left is of our Scottish Black Face Ewe named "Delta".   Also here are her two lambs, who were born on Monday.  We named the lambs "Dot" and "Dash". The odd looking light spot is actually the beam from a flashlight.  This photo was taken at night using only a digital camera with flash and the light from the flashlight since we have no power in our barn... This is the little ram, Dash, at less than one day old.  He is pretty funny to watch as he is learning to jump and hop.  So far, he seems to be less adventurous than his sister
This is Dot, also at less than one day old.  See the white mark on her forehead?  We'll see if it stays or not, hope so...  Of course, the small one above the dot could also come in too, giving her an equal sign instead of a dot on her forehead... This is Dash at four days old doing one of his favorite activities!  Notice that he now has his ear tagged.  It is hard to see, but he also has his tail banded for docking.
This is Dave and Dash in the kitchen(!).  Dash is sporting his flashy new ear tag.  We brought them in the house to tag and band them.  We used our dog grooming table to do this.  It worked great! This is Franna and Dot in the kitchen.  Franna is modeling her stylish (and warm) hat, while Dot is displaying her fancy new ear tag.  Her tag number is "EVR-01" since she is the first ewe that has ever been born here.
This is our second ewe, "Lambda" and her lambs the morning after delivery.  They were born at 10:45 PM and 11:05 PM.  Franna and Dave assisted, not that Lambda needed any help, but we wanted to ensure that the babies were dry as soon as possible since the temperature was well below freezing and our barn only has three sides.  Plus it was a very neat thing to witness!!! This is the little ewe that Lambda delivered.  She has more white on her face than any of the rest of our flock.  Franna has named her "Ewe 2".  Pretty cute... Later christened "Lucy" as the sister to "Linus".
This is the little ram that Lambda delivered.  We are unsure of a name yet.  Dave thought maybe Lucifer since he has his little devil horns budding already, but maybe we don't want him to live up to that name ;-)  Look at how he is holding his tail curled up over his back.

This little guy had such a beautiful pelt, he just had to be named "Linus" - VanPelt, that is.

This is Dallie.  She is our next ewe that (we think) is pregnant.  She looks pretty bad in this picture, all covered with hay and straw.  She likes to stand in the lower bin of the hay feeder and pull hay down to eat.  The only problem with that is that it gets all over her in the process.  Plus all the others pull hay down on her too while they are eating...
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