EverRanch Farm Products

EverRanch is working toward providing farm fresh products to a select group of clients. Our meat is grass fed, and the poultry is free range. So far we've produced for our table, and for a few friends, farm fresh chicken, duck, and goose eggs, fresh broiler and stewing chickens, free range turkey and duck, grass fed lamb and beef, and farm raised pork. Our lamb and sheep are excellent tasting and lower in fat than market lambs from meat breeds.

We are taking orders for whole lamb. They typically run from 50 to 90 lb live weight and yield 25 to 55 lb hanging weight. Lamb is priced at $1.50 per pound live weight. We will arrange for processing. Current prices are approximately $90 for Western style cut to order, wrap and frozen. Eastern style (ethnic) butchering is available for $30 per animal. Several smaller lambs are available now (January, 2008).

We will be raising several pigs in 2008. These pigs will be apple finished which gives the meat a very nice, almost sweet flavor, and ready in late October. We only have room for a few pigs, and already have several reservations. Email now to reserve yours by the half or whole pig.

We will be raising fryer chickens this spring. These will be free range/chicken tractor raised birds ready in May/June. They will be $4/lb dressed plus processing by Tacoma Meats. There will be very limited numbers. Reserve now.

Depending on the hatch, we will have turkeys for sale in November. These go very quickly, so don't wait to reserve them! We should know by July how many will be available.

All of our animals are humanely and sustainably raised without hormones. Contact us via e-mail for reservations.

For additional information contact EverRanch by e-mail.

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