One of my favorite Sooty Pictures

Owner: Jennifer Gerber, Nina Mann
Breeder: Nina Mann
Birthdate: 8/30/01
Sooty stacked, 7 Months

Sooty stacked up at 7 months old. Spring 2002.

Sooty sitting

Sooty sitting at 7 Months old. Spring 2002.

Skagit Rivers Blk Magic Coal (B) OFA Good Ch Harbortop Redwick Valhalla MH (B) OFA Good Am. Can. Ch Harbortop's August Knight (B)
Am. Can. Ch Follytower Jenny (B)
Sunnydaze Harbortop Aurora (C) OFA Good Am. Can. Int. Ch Rocheby Joseph's Coat CD, TD, JH, WC, CGC (C)
Can. Ch Harbortop Rockmeadow Dawn CD, WC (C)
Can. Ch Harbortop Hogo Megan Two Can JH (B) OFA Fair Am. Ch Ruthless' Blazing Brentley MH, CDX (C) OFA Good Am. Can. Ch Flying Cloud's Taipan (BYC)
Am. Can. Ch MHR Plantier's Ruthless Ruthie CD, MH (C)
Can. Ch Harbortop Falmouth Rose CD, JH (BYC) OFA Good Ch Harbortop Redwick Valhalla MH (B)
Harbortop Kotas Chata (BYC) OFA Good
Hips: Penn Hip 90%
Elbows: OFA
Eyes: CERF 2001
Sooty laying down

A great picture of Sooty laying down, 7 months old. Spring 2002.

Sooty is an adorable black girl that I co-own with Nina Mann, her breeder. She is a really smart little girl, and learns new things very quickly. She loves all dogs and people, and will play with anyone or thing that is available. Sooty's show career will begin at area specialties this summer where she will be showing for her dad in the Stud Dog class, and the regular classes. She is also going to be my primary 4H dog for my last 4H year. We have already qualified in Fitting and Showing with a score of 99 out of a possible 100!
Baby Sooty

Sooty's first week home, 11 Weeks old. Fall 2001.

Her first hunting trip was in the winter of 2001, when we got a couple chukar for her and Clifford to play with. We tossed a couple live birds (with their feet tied) for her, and she brought them each back unharmed and directly to me. We attended the Puget Sound Labrador Retriever Association's Puppy Stake at their 2002 5-Series, and Sooty performed two flawless land retrieves! With more work on water retrieves Sooty could easily earn her WC, or even start training for her JH!
Sooty's first Chukar

Sooty retrieving a chukar, 4 Months old. Winter 2001.

She is learning obedience very well, and almost qualified for Novice Y (4H) her first time in the ring, and she would have if only the long sit wasn't at the end of a very long day. I have also experimented with clicker training with Sooty, and the first thing she learned to do was wave, and then she learned how to sit up (waving with both paws). Because she learned both tricks very quickly and with great success, I think I'll move on to clicker training in obedience, and maybe agility too. I'm very happy with how bright she is, and how quickly she learns. This summer I hope get Sooty's first title on her, which will be a CD.
Sooty waving.

Sooty waving to the camera, 8 months old. Spring 2002.

More Pictures of Sooty

Both Sooty's Dad and Brother visit with us off and on for training and showing. More about Coal. More about Odin.

Brags and Accomplishments

Sooty and I got a score of 99 out of a possible 100 her first time in 4H Fitting and Showing!

Sooty almost got a score of 181 out of 200 for her first time in obedience, but those darn long sits... She still got a 151 total!

Sooty has been learning new things every day, and hopefully soon will have more brags to list!


Sooty is much too young for this right now...

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