Rocky's Cookie Incident

The Great Cookie Caper occurred late in Rocky's life. True to her breed, Rocky was a dedicated chow hound. Food motivated her almost as much as retrieving. Her greatest regret was that Mom always kept her fit and trim. What a disappointment for a Labrador Retriever!

Not that there weren't other Cookie Incidents - oh, no! Anything that fell on the floor was fair game, and with raising two children, Rocky had many, many opportunities to steal cookies. Plus she got her fair share of freebie goodies.

The scene was set for this Great Cookie Caper in the winter of 2002, the winter before she died. She was well and soundly deaf, and although fairly stiff and losing locomotion in her rear, Rocky could still amble surprisingly quickly around the yard. For several years she had the run of the yard, not wanting to coop her up with the younger hooligans, or put her in a crate all day while we were at work. Mostly she stayed near the house, prefering to lie in her doghouse or in the sunshine.

Construction was proceeding on our agility arena, a little ways from the house. Delays had extended the project into the winter and the crew, consisting mainly of two brothers, was at the point of putting on the roofing panels.

Now, picture this: it's a fairly warm and nicely dry winter day, the brothers have taken their lunch break and are back on the roof - 20 feet up in the air and in the middle, far from the ladder. One brother had carefully set aside the homemade cookies from his lunch on a pile of lumber, anticipating a later snack. They had been working for a while and he was really looking forward to eating the cookies. Construction, and especially roofing, is hard work and really whets up your appetite!

At some point, he looked down and saw Rocky ambling toward the construction area. His Cookies were unguarded! Helplessly, he started yelling and banging. Rocky, of course, didn't hear a thing and kept ambling around the site. Her nose was working. As she got zeroed in on the cookies both brothers yelled, but to no avail. There was no time to get to her, and no way to distract her. She worked her way to the cookies - they were just at her height on the lumber. What a surprise to find goodies out in the dirt and mud! She munched them down, wagging her tail in thanks to her unknown benefactor, then ambled back to the yard to lie in the sun.

All I can say is that those must've been some good cookies. Later in the day when we got home from work, the brothers were still fuming about how that dog could possibly have known there were cookies within reach and completely ignored their rants, pounding, and yells. Rocky sure enjoyed her cookies.

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