Ch. Tagalong Normandy Pirate, UD, Can CDX

Puppy Photo of Pirate coming

Pirate, October, 1977 - May, 1990

Pirate was my first and, so far, only Shetland Sheepdog. He came into the household of Labradors as a young puppy and returned to his breeder, Jane, when he was just over a year old. Jane was looking for someone to socialize Pirate away from her Sheltie household, and I had just found out that the Labrador puppy I'd been waiting for wasn't going to happen. Pirate spent the year trying to be a Labrador, even running into the water after them and wondering what they found so fascinating about that cold, wet stuff! He and I earned a Canadian C.D. title together, and Jane earned all the rest of his many titles, and High in Trial award. He was a very special and outgoing boy, and was missed when he went back to live with Jane and the Tagalong shelties. Visit Jane's Tagalong website for some great photos of Pirate as an adult.
Owner: Jane Rothert (& Franna Pitt in 1978)
Breeder: Jane Rothert & Berkeley Constable
Birthdate: 10/5/77
Reserved for a Pirate photo.
Pirate's Head Shot
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Hips: Not Available
Elbows: N/A
Eyes: CERF yearly
Reserved for a Pirate photo
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