One of my favorite Olivia Pictures

Owner: Jennifer Gerber, Franna Pitt
Breeder: Franna Pitt
Born: 8/22/94
Died: 6/18/05
New International Champion, Olivia

Olivia just before she finished her International Championship. Spring 2001

Olivia's great expression

Olivia at 7 Years Old. Fall 2001.

Am. Can. Ch Cedarwood's Master Gunner (Y) OFA Good Am. Can. Ch Davoeg Silkey Beau (B) OFA Good Am. Can. Ch Monarch's Black Arrogance CD, WC (B)
Briary Marzipan (Y)
Sailin Cedarwood Pride (B) OFA Good Am. Can. Ch Monarch's Black Arrogance CD, WC (B)
Am. Can. Ch Elysium's Sailin Cat Ballou (Y)
Normandy Sky Rockette JH (C) OFA Excellent Winroc Lord Luvaduk, Esq, WC (B) OFA Excellent Eng. Am. Ch Strinesdale Old Spice (B)
Winroc Folderol of Wynn Song (B)
Ch Rambiln Chateau Margaux CDX, TD, JH (Y) OFA Excellent Eng. Am. Can. Ch Sorn Sandpiper of Follytower CD (Y)
Ch Ramblin's Windsong (B)
Hips: Penn Hip 90%
Elbows: OFA
Eyes: CERF 2001
Another good Olivia picture

Olivia in beautiful Eastern Washington on one of our pheasant hunting trips. Fall 2001.

Olivia is a very pretty bitch, she is more of an older style of Labrador, being a little smaller in size (around 20" and 56lbs) and lighter boned than the more popular labs of today. She has been praised for her ballance, movement, and basic ring presence by many judges. She is a really smart girl and learnes new tasks very quickly.

Olivia was my (Jennifer's) first dog of my very own. She became mine when she was about a year old and I was about 11 and had just moved in with my mom. She helped me though this big change in my life and was my best friend through good times and bad.

I joined 4H with Olivia, and we are coming up on our 7th year. Through the years we have gone to many matches and fairs, and won many awards through 4H, some of the most memorable are Reserve Class Champion in Senior Fitting and Showing (similar to Junior Showmanship), Grand Champion (twice!) for team obedience, Reserve Class Champion for Graduate Novice Obedience (with a score of 193.5), and qualifying for the State Fair every year we have been in 4H. We have also won many Champions and Reserve Champions at the State Fair itself for Fitting and Showing, Obedience, and Brace Obedience.

New International Champion, Olivia

Olivia and I in Junior Showmanship at the 2001 PSLRA Match.

We started showing in AKC in 1999, with our first show being PSLRA's Annual Specialty. The first thing I did was show her in Junior Showmanship, and though I was very nervous the entire time the judge, Beckie Jensen, gave Olivia and I the award of Best in Junior Showmanship. After that I was hooked! Since Olivia is just under the size stated in the AKC standard we decided not to show her in the American breed ring. So we started the performance events instead.

Our first time in Obedience I was nervous and really wasn't thinking much and forgot to let her go potty before we went in the ring. So we failed our first chance. But then our next two at the Puyallup shows in January 2000 we got her first two legs easily! Then in March 2000 we finished her title her next time in! She really loves obedience, but now as a veteran she's beginning to think that she gets to goof off in the ring because then people laugh at her. And so training for our CDX title has been interesting, but I know she can do it, so I do hope to get that title on her.

Olivia in front of a nice fire

Olivia with our two Best Junior Showmanship ribbons and some Junior trophies. Spring 2001.

Agility really came naturally to Olivia, and she loved it!! We trained with a couple of different clubs and people, at first just for fun, and then decided to enter a trial and try it. Well, out of the 4 runs over the weekend (two Standard and two Jumpers with Weaves) Olivia earned 4 qualifying scores! We went through our hard times in Agility, but eventually finished our NA and NAJ titles, both in the same weekend too!

Then I heard about the IABCA (International All Breed Canine Association) from a friend of mine and I decided I should try showing Olivia through them. Our first show was in February 2001 and we got two V1 (top) ratings from the judges. Then our next show was in March 2001, and Olivia finished her International Championship winning her open bitch class!

I have plans to finish her Open Agility titles and work towards a tracking and field title with Olivia, and I have no doubt that she can achieve those or any other goals that are made for her. She really is the greatest first dog I could have ever had, and I will never forget her, and hope she'll be with me for a long time.

Olivia Having Fun with a Tunnel

Olivia doing one of the things she loves! Spring 2001.

More Olivia Pictures

Olivia earned her CD title in three straight shows, on her 2nd, 3rd, and 4th try.

Olivia's first Agility trial she earned 4 out of 4 qualifying scores two in Standard and two in Jumpers. With those qualifying scores she won a 4th and a 2nd place.

Olivia earned her CD, NA and NAJ titles all in the year 2000 and also got two legs on her OA title. Which, along with her DSPP pass, qualifies her for her Versatility Award with PSLRA.

Olivia was shown in her first International show in February 2001 and received two V1(top) ratings both times she was in the ring.

Olivia finished her International Championship winning the adult bitch class in May 2001.

Olivia becomes an officially certified Delta Society Pet Partner in 2001.

Olivia earned her Working Certificate in April 2002. This qualifies her for her All Around Labrador Award with PSLRA.


Olivia was bred to Can. Ch Harbortop's Justin Case MH, Can WCX in August 2001, but this breeding didn't take.

Olivia was bred to Skagit Rivers BLK Magic Coal, WC in May 2002. Unfortunately, this breeding gave us only one puppy, Charm, but she only lived for one short month. For more information click here.

Olivia died on June 18th, 2005 after a brief fight against seizures and whatever other complications were behind them. She was a trooper till the end and is greatly missed by all...

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