Normandy Kimiko of Cedarlane

Photo of Fuzz in Pullman


April 1968 to ___

Fuzz. How to describe the dog that took me from my teen years to semi-adulthood? She was my first dog. The first one that was totally mine. Sure, we'd had two family dogs before Fuzz, a Norwegian Elkhound named "Tessa Trueheart of the North" and another collie, "Sir Walter's Rob Roy" but I wanted one all my own that I could train and show.

For my sixteenth birthday, my parents offered to pay for half of a dog of my choice. There was no choice but to get a Collie. I was enamored of the Albert Payson Terhune stories and our previous Collie "Rob Roy". Looking back, I was lucky to get in touch with Patricia Russell, a member of the local collie club. She had a show quality female available. We bought her on breeder's terms, $80.00 plus a litter to the breeder. I thought it was a fortune, but paid my half from money earned at my part time job as an ice cream fountain attendant. She was dubbed "Fuzz" because of the profuse puppy hair over her head and ears. At the time, we lived in Normandy Park, and so began several decades of using "Normandy" as a kennel name on my dogs.

Fuzz was a terrific teenage girl's dog. She was responsive and gorgeous. I took her everywhere with me and told her my deepest secrets. I cried into her fur when I was upset. She was always patient and always there with a wagging tail. I read obedience books - I still have one by Pearsall and Leedham - that we used to learn obedience and tracking. I even have the original tracking harness I used to teach her to track. It's a funny thin leather strap affair, that in no way is non-restrictive! I learned little bits about grooming and trimming, and wonderful Collie people helped me out at ringside. I remember being thrilled when Fuzz won Reserve Winners Bitch from the puppy class, and when she and I passed the individual exercises at our first Novice obedience trial.

There were some hard lessons that Fuzz taught me. We bred her to a magnificient Tri-Color Collie, Sunshine Midnight Flame (who later finished his championship) and she whelped 8 squiggly collie babies. All was not well, though, because Fuzz developed a uterine infection and mastitis. One by one the puppies died, and our vet gave us useless advice and archaic tools. Later I learned about tube feeding and am convinced that we could have saved most of the litter with better knowledge. I remember watching my Mother cry over each dead baby even through my own panic and sorrow and our useless efforts at keeping them alive.

Two male puppies survived, one Sable and one Tri. Both had umbilical hernias big enough to require surgery, which we had done. They were both sold eventually and we heard reports about them for several years. Overall quite a disaster litter.

In time, Fuzz was leased to Pat Russell for a second litter, with a similar uterine infection and mastitis. Forewarned from Fuzz's first litter, and with years of experience, Pat was able to save most of the puppies, but I decided, with Pat's concurrence that Fuzz would best be spayed to preserve her health. It wasn't long after that I went off to college, to the dorm where dogs aren't allowed, and Fuzz stayed home. Circumstances caused the neighbors to adopt Fuzz, and although she spent the summer with me (in a no dogs allowed apartment!), she became their dog while I was away and I signed her over to them. She enjoyed a long life with them, well travelled and pampered.

After Fuzz was spayed, Pat Russell offered a replacement puppy, and a couple of years later, Toad came into my life.

Owner: Franna Pitt
Breeder: Patricia A. Russell
Birthdate: 4/15/68
Reserved for a Fuzz photo.
Reserved for a Fuzz photo.
Ch. Cedarlane Cardinal Ch. Merrie Oaks Bobolink Ch. Merrie Oaks Humdinger
Merrie Oaks Tiffany
Ch. Cedarlane Classic Ch. Parader's Western Venture
Vidale Star Performance
Cedarlane Sandi Tartan's Starfire Alandale Altair of Tartan
Coronation Fire Opal
Cedarlane Confetti Cedarlane Carnival
Cedarlane's Duchess
Hips: N/A
Elbows: N/A
Eyes: (not normal)
Reserved for a Fuzz photo.

Awards and Accomplishments:

Fuzz was bred twice, once by me to Sunshine Midnight Flame and once by her breeder, Patricia Russell. I didn't record the details of her litter with Pat.
Reserved for a Fuzz photo.
Ch. Sunshine Midnight Flame Ch. Glenacres Shadalon O'Shane Ch. Lunette's BluePrint
Int.Ch. Kitsap's Shadow O'Shane
Powow's P.Z. Pamela Ch. Parader's P.Z. Pawnee
Charmin Carmen of Crafthaven
Normandy Kimiko of Cedarlane Ch. Cedarlane Cardinal Ch. Merrie Oaks Bobolink
Ch. Cedarlane Classic
Cedarlane Sandi Tartan's Starfire
Cedarlane's Confetti

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