Normandy Four Leaf Clover CD, RE, OA, AXJ, AXP, OJP, PP, CC



After a year long battle with seizures, ever increasing in severity, Clover passed over the Rainbow Bridge in May of 2006. Clover and her sister Olivia, represent the third generation of Normandy Labradors, even though those generations span two decades of breeding (without the benefit of frozen semen!) We kept the two littermates for insurance in keeping the line from "Tapper", Ch. Ramblin Chateau Margaux, CDX, TD, JH, going. Now that they're both gone, and have no offspring, that won't happen.

Clover was "my" (Franna's) competition dog. We made a late start of it, having enjoyed a vacation from competition activities until Agility sucked us right back in! After about a year of training, Clover earned her NA and NAJ titles in two weekends, four trials, placing in the tough 20" class for 5 of her six qualifying scores.

Clover finished her Excellent Preferred Standard title in 2004 at a couple months shy of 10 years of age! She's now enjoying retirement while Clifford gets more training time.

Well, retirement is overrated and semi-permanent. With the advent of Rally, Clover found a new venue for fun. We entered and ran in non-regular Rally in January 2004 and had a lot of fun. January, 2005 found Clover and I in the Rally ring at Sammamish and Puyallup Valley Dog Shows, earning two Rally Novice legs toward her RN title. Just two days after starting phenobarbitol for seizures which started earlier in 2005, Clover finished her Rally Excellent title at the PSLRA 2005 specialty show with wagging tail and wandering attention. She is now quite retired, and we're enjoying doing our best to make her last few weeks enjoyable.

Owner: Franna Pitt
Breeder: Franna Pitt
Birthdate: 8/22/94
Clover Stacked at 8 Years Old
Clover's great expression
Am. Can. Ch Cedarwood's Master Gunner (Y) OFA Good Am. Can. Ch Davoeg Silkey Beau (B) OFA Good Am. Can. Ch Monarch's Black Arrogance CD, WC (B)
Briary Marzipan (Y)
Sailin Cedarwood Pride (B) OFA Good Am. Can. Ch Monarch's Black Arrogance CD, WC (B)
Am. Can. Ch Elysium's Sailin Cat Ballou (Y)
Normandy Sky Rockette JH (C) OFA Excellent Winroc Lord Luvaduk, Esq, WC (B) OFA Excellent Eng. Am. Ch Strinesdale Old Spice (B)
Winroc Folderol of Wynn Song (B)
Ch Rambiln Chateau Margaux CDX, TD, JH (Y) OFA Excellent Eng. Am. Can. Ch Sorn Sandpiper of Follytower CD (Y)
Ch Ramblin's Windsong (B)
Hips: OFA Good; Penn Hip 90%
Elbows: Grade 2 Dysplasia
Eyes: CERF with punctate cataracts
Clover Finishing her AXJ

Clover competed in Agility, Obedience, Rally and was shown once in the breed ring.
  • NA in 4 trials.
  • NAJ in 4 trials.
  • CD in 3 shows.
  • OA
  • OAJ
  • NAP
  • NJP
  • OJP
  • OAP
  • AXJ
  • AXP
  • RN, 3 trials, 3 legs
  • RA, 3 trials, 3 legs
  • RE at 11 years old, 3 trials, 3 legs
  • LRC, Inc. Conformation Certificate at 11 years of age
Clover at 8 Years Young

Clover's breeding record.

This is really short because Clover wasn't ever bred, and was spayed in late 2000. The elbow dysplasia (one elbow) was enough to knock her out of my breeding program; she's also missing a number of teeth. Olivia was the better Labrador, but attempts for a "late in life" breeding from Olivia weren't successful. We'll just have to find another line of do-it-all Labradors when the time comes.

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