Clifford Goes to the Dog Show!

Well, you don't just "go" to the dog show. There are hours and weeks of preparation to "go" to the dog show. Just see what Clifford found out...

Clifford is about to be transformed from the Rare Curly Coated Red and White Spaniel

(Thank goodness it was only my puppy coat! ...the Girls did kind of like the curls, though....)

Into the Suave, Sophisticated Welsh Springer Spaniel Show Dog!
First it takes lots of Practice to learn to trot "just right" and look cute for the judges... especially the Lady Judges!
Practice Standing...
Practice Trotting...
Practice being good with other dogs. Hi, Mom!
...and even more Trotting Practice!
Okay... now I know how to trot... can we go on now???? Pleeeeeeaaase?
Trimming Toenails - that's not toooo bad.
Ahhhhh, what's next? Ohhhh, noooooo! Not a bath!
Brushing and trimming and trimming and brushing... just wake me up when it's over.
Hey! I said "wake me up!" when it's over.
Now what???? Ohhhhhhhh, the indignity of it all! I can't be seen in public like this!!!
Ahhhh. Much better. Here I am! Clifford - the Caped WonderDog!
Hey, Mom! You didn't show all the bags of hair you pulled and trimmed off me!
Sometimes we have fun at the dog show. Here are some of my favorite people to hang out with.
...even if Mom made me look like the Great Pumpkin.
Now! On with the show!
Told you I knew how to trot.
...and schmooze the Lady judges. tee hee!
See... I even learned how to hold still, and peek at the camera.
Did I do good Mom? Did I? Did I?
...there's no place like home... there's no place like home... there's no place like home....
Olivia and Clifford Crash in the Motel Room
Hey! This is more like it! No more "Ken Dog" Clifford for a while.

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