Clifford - the Brych Red Dog

Clifford's First Page

"Clifford" spent several week on the OurDogs "Future" Dogs list, and joined us just after Thanksgiving, 2001! The information below is taken from the first updates to "Clifford's" story:

"Future Dog": Briarbanc Welsh Springer Spaniel puppy by Ch. Benton Ivy League out of Ch. Rwyn Heaven's Telstar, C.D.X.

The puppies have arrived! Here are the six of them. At 3.5 weeks, here are the three boys, Simon, Clifford, and Mister Chin. They are really adorable!

Another puppy update at 4 weeks + old: Photo 1 and Photo 2

Just one photo at 5 and a half weeks, but it says it all! 6 "Angels"

As of now it looks like either Clifford or Simon will be coming to Washington State. How on earth to come to that decision??? Here are both of them at 6.5 weeks old.

Clifford joined us here in Washington state the Saturday after Thanksgiving, 2001! We even kept his name - Clifford.

After weeks of deliberation and emails back and forth to his breeder, we chose - Briarbanc Brych Red Dog - for Clifford's official AKC registered name. It has several meanings. "Brych" means "freckled" in Welsh, so Clifford's name means:

And Photos showing his first weeks at Home:
Clifford at 9 weeks.
Clifford and Kiss playing their favorite game.
Clifford and "Mom"
Clifford is growing up! Here he is at 11 weeks old:
Are all sleeping babies angelic or what?
Hey, Mom, Can I have some new toys, there's still room in this bed.
> Clover the puppy toy thief. At last, he's asleep! Now *I* get the puppy toys!
...and at 12 Weeks:
Clifford's Show SideAnd his "flip" side
Clifford continues to thrive and grow! Here's a photo of him at 4+ months old, on February 2, 2002.


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