AKC and Int. Ch. Briarbanc Brych Red Dog, VCD1, AX, AXJ, OF, JH, RE, CGC, CHIC

2010 Iron Welsh Champion



Clifford starts 2012 by finishing his AXJ and earning his first T2B leg with 9 points!

Clifford is my first non-Labrador in many years. It's quite a ride. I chose the Welsh Springer Spaniel breed because they're one of the few remaining hunting breeds that doesn't have a "split" between the working dog and the show dog lines. Clifford is one great hunter and completed the requirements to become an AKC Champion on January 10, 2004 by winning WD and BOS at the Sammamish Kennel Club's winter show in Puyallup, WA. He was the first WSS to earn all three AKC Rally titles, is competing in agility, entry level obedience, and the Retrievers are teaching him the finer points of begging, retrieving and water play. In late 2009, we tried Tracking. To my complete surprise, he's a natural.

In 2010, not only did he finish his Open Agility Jumpers title, his Open FAST title, earned his first 2 MACH points, and earned his first leg in Novice Obedience, he did it by winning the very first Iron Welsh Challenge which was held at the 2010 WSSCA National Specialty! He went on to earn his Tracking Title near the end of the year in great style, after recovering from overshooting the first corner. The video is on YouTube

After a year long hiatus (in which Clifford earned his CD and VCD1, and is working toward advanced tracking titles), we returned to the agility ring. He earned his AXJ with 3 Q's in a row after a couple of "practice runs". Once again he's able to surprise me. We ran in the new Time to Beat class - really a "Border Collie" game - qualified in his first try a respectable 3 seconds off the fastest time - the "time to beat" - and earned 9 points toward the T2B title. However, I'd decided to move him to the preferred classes after he finished his AXJ, so those 9 points will be hanging. Stay tuned as Clifford's story continues to unfold. Even as a "senior citizen" Clifford has plenty of fire!

Owner: Franna Pitt
Breeder: Adrienne Bancker and Dawn Ford
Birthdate: 9/25/01
Clifford plays with Sooty in the Water
Clifford has a great Welsh Springer Head
BIS, BISS, HIT Ch. Benton Ivy League, UD, MX, MXJ, RA, CGC OFA Fair Rwyn Lucky Luke Rwyn Vintage Year
Int Fin Ch Rwyn Notre Dame
Int Fin Su Ch Benton Delaware Storm N Dk Uch Kazval Call Collect
Fin Est Uch Statesman's Unbridled
Ch Rwyn Heaven's Telstar, UD, NA, NAJ, CGC OFA Good Ch Statesman's Ammo OFA Good Ch Don's Still Waters Run Deep SH OFA Good
Ch Statesman's Affirmed OFA Good
Int Fin Ch. Rwyn Notre Dame OFA Good Int Fin Dk Uch Rwyn Xavier
Int Fin Uch Rwyn Galloise
Hips: OFA Good
Elbows: OFA Normal
Eyes: CERF with PPM both eyes

Clifford's Competition Accomplishments



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Clifford's breeding record.

This section will be very short. Clifford has autoimmune thyroid disorder and was neutered in spring, 2009, without being bred. Not every dog should be bred, regardless of their accomplishments. They need to improve the gene pool and offer something unique. I didn't feel Clifford had those qualities.

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