Normandy Butterscotch Taffy, UDTX, Can CD, Can TDX

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Butterscotch, March, 1973 - September, 1981

Butterscotch was my second Labrador Retriever, and first AKC registered Lab. After it was decided to place my second collie, Toad, because of temperament, it was a race to find either a Labrador litter (my husband's choice) or a Collie litter (my choice). Actually, what happened was that I let him win.

Butterscotch's litter was advertised in the newspaper. Her sire was major pointed and her maternal grandsire was a local Dual Ch., so I applied my little knowledge of structure and type and pedigrees and we bought the "pick" female. It turned out that her sire, High Tide, was owned by Charlotte and Stephen Johnson of Frolickin' Kennels. They were an invaluable source of information and encouragement in my early days of Labrador showing.

Butterscotch ended up making Labrador history. She was the first AKC TDX Labrador (and UDTX, and TDX in the US and Canada, AKC TDX of any breed in Washington, and about the 12th in the nation), and puppies from her first (and only) litter were used to characterize the Type II Muscle deficiency disease at the WSU Veterinary School.

Butterscotch earned several points in AKC competition, even though her type was going out of style, including a 3 point major and she placed in picnic trial puppy, derby and qualifying stakes. She was a dog that loved working and tolerated obedience. Uncharacteristically, she completed her Can. CD with a Dog World award for scores, one of which won High in Trial! She "ran" her Canadian TD track in 3 minutes, and her American TDX track in 12 minutes. She was my first dog that earned the AKC TD title, which was at our first test and 10 days before whelping 9 puppies. She hunted alongside pointers and spaniels and put up birds in ground they'd already covered. She wasn't comfortable around children or elderly, so it was a blessing that she passed away before my son's first birthday.

Owner: Franna Pitt (Gerber at that time)
Breeder: H.E. & R.T. Hahn
Birthdate: 3/11/73
Reserved for a Butterscotch photo.
Reserved for a Butterscotch Photo.
High Tide, Maj. Ptd. (Y) Painter's Rust (Y) Lignite's Old Yeller (Y)
Van's Amber (Y)
Morning Dawn (Y) King Bruin (Y)
Yellow Rose of Texas II (sis to Torque of Daingerfield) (Y)
Sheila - Shadow of Sunlight (Y) Dual, AFC Torque of Daingerfield (Y) Man of Night (B?)
Dixie Bell (B?)
Shaula - Star of Cowiche (?) Rodarbal Regal of Walhachin, CD (?)
Waind's Georgy Girl (FC,AFC Copper City Buck daughter) (B?)
Hips: OFA Mild
Elbows: N/A
Eyes: Annual CERF
Reserved for a Butterscotch photo.

Butterscotch's Awards and Accomplishments:


Bred once to Trieven Fool, 9 puppies, 3 diagnosed with Hereditary Myopathy of Labrador Retrievers (HMLR). These puppies were used to characterize the disease as an autosomal recessive hereditary disease in Labrador Retrievers in research at Washington State University. Interesting, because the litter was about as outcrossed as you can get in Labrador Retrievers. This disease is a sort of Muscular Dystrophy, and agreat description and references on the Wing-N-Wave Labrador Retriever site. HMLR

Puppy "Willie" from "Fool" and "Butterscotch"

Trieven Fool (Y) OFA Open Win 11.5 All Age pts NFC, NAFC Super Chief (BYC) OFA FC, AFC Paha Sapa Chief II (B)
Ironwood Cherokee Chica (B)
FC AFC Ern- bars Twinkle Boots (B) OFA FC Anzac of Zenith (B)
Happy's Twinkle (B) OFA
Normandy Butterscotch Taffy, UDTX, Can CD,TDX (Y) High Tide (Y) Painter's Rust (Y)
Morning Dawn
Sheila-Shadow of Sunlight (Y) Dual AFC Torque of Daingerfield (Y)
Shaula - Star of Cowiche

One puppy was later bred and I obtained a pup from the litter. "Crackers" was a little spitfire, but I didn't carry on the line, and he lived out his life with my sister-in-law.

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