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Normandy Bred Litters

The following litters represent over 3 decades of breeding true to standard with the goal of producing marvelous and sound companions and working dogs. Most of these puppies have gone to pet and hunting homes, only a few have been shown in AKC competition. The greatest complement from a puppy owner is: "this is the best pet/hunter/dog I've ever owned". I feel honored to have heard that phrase many times over the years.

Puppies from Normandy have earned titles in all phases of AKC competition. Some have become guide dogs, and one was selected for the breeding program at Guide Dogs for the Blind. We continue to have puppies occasionally - usually when we're planning to keep one for ourselves.

The down side of breeding puppies (or any animal) are the glitches that Mother Nature throws in sometimes. In my first litter of Labrador Retrievers there were three puppies that had abnormal musculature. This turned out to be what is now known as CNM. I've seen occasional cleft palates, mismarks, and had cases of hip dysplasia and retinal dysplasia. Details are below in the appropriate litters. Any breeder that hasn't seen problems hasn't looked very closely or bred many litters. By far, Normandy puppies have developed into happy, healthy, and sound adults, and those few that don't are covered by my Guarantee. Starting in 2016, all puppies will be raised using the Puppy Culture protocols, starting with ENS (Neural Stimulation to help develop their brains) at 3 to 6 days old. Puppies will encounter a variety of experiences designed to make them better learners, more confident, and better able to reach their potential than puppies not raised with Puppy Culture principles.

Franna Pitt

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