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There is a dog page and a farm page and another dog page, all with things about me but this page is more personal stuff, and like all webpages is constantly in need of updating - even the first day it's published!

I am a native Washingtonian, born and raised in the Seattle area. I went to school at MarVista Elementary, Olympic Junior High, and Mt. Rainier High School. Then on to Washington State University where I (eventually) got my BS in Mechanical Engineering. In 1997, I went back to school at the University of Washington (under cover!) and finished my MS in Engineering in 2000. In June, 2005, I finished my PhD in Engineering.

My two children were born in 1981 (Bryan) and 1984 (Jennifer)and are both Cougars! GO COUGS! Jennifer has several pages within this site, and Bryan has his own site.

I have had Labrador Retrievers since 1972 and shown them in all forms of competition except field trials. They are wonderful dogs that have recently taking a turn for the less utilitarian, and are suffering from too much popularity. Therefore, into my life came Clifford, the Welsh Springer Spaniel. Quite a fun experience.

At various times in my life I've climbed many of the Cascade mountains, backpacked hundreds of miles in Washington, Oregon and British Columbia, served on the National Ski Patrol, designed and built my own house and garage, bicycled - including riding the Seattle to Portland bike ride for 6 years in a row, done thrown pottery, am raising sheep and poultry and played computer games (Gemstone 3!) and written webpages. Now my hobbies include dog agility, spinning wool from my and others sheep.

More of this page will come. The server I used previously went under and so did my first website. A few of the pages were salvaged, and will get incorporated. For now, I hope you enjoy the rest of the site and our photos.


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