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At EverRanch Farm we have a small flock of SBSBA Registered Scottish Blackface Sheep, NASSA Registered Shetland Sheep, % Gotlands and a few crosses.

2011 will see Registered Shetlands, Scottish Blackface and Gotland lambs at EverRanch Farm. A few will be for sale. Reserve lambs early for the best selection! Link to 2011 Lamb Page.

I'm especially excited about our Shetland flock. The coming lambs will have as sire (Barish)and grandsire (Buddy), rams whose adult fleeces are very fine, with nice length. We're hoping for lambs to mature with fleeces in the 23 to 28 micron range, and 3" to 5" in length.

Our average Gotland percent is increasing every year. The majority of the 2011 lambs should be 75% and higher. We continue to breed for the traditional grey, with white, brown and black also possible.

Eve, the one Scottie remaining at the farm (the rest of the flock is still on loan) is planned to be bred to her grandsire - a magnificient ram from Scotland. Eve's crossbred lambs have been vigorous and fast growing, now she gets a chance to produce purebred Scotties!

We started in 2001 with the Scottish Blackface - 2 adult ewes and 4 lambs. Our second year flock is pictured in the 2002 EverRanch Fair Poster. We have since added NASSA registered Shetland Sheep, Finnsheep, Gotlands, and Leicester cross ewes for wool and meat variety.

In 2007, we added Gotland sheep to our flock! Gotland sheep are a medium sized, calm, friendly breed with long, soft, lustrous grey wool to die for! Prior to 2004, there was no Gotland blood in North American flocks. A handful of US flocks birthed 50% Gotlands in 2006. On November 13, nine of our ewes were artificially inseminated with purebred Gotland semen. In early April our own 50% Gotland lambs arrived. We continue to breed up these charismatic sheep. The flock includes seven 75% and one 87.5% Gotland sheep in 2010.

The Gotland Sheep Breeder's Association of North America has details on the breed, the breeding up program, the AI sires, and a list of Members.

We cut back on the numbers of ewes bred in 2010, and used the first of our NZ semen on the Gotland ewes, and Shetland ram Boulderneigh Blackberry on the Shetlands. For the first year ever, we had rams jump fences resulting in 4 "ooops" lambs... who turned out pretty nice! The Farm Blog contains photos and updates of lambs, and our Washington Wool page also lists sale sheep and other items.

Scotties, or Blackies as they're known in the U.K., are outstanding for small farms, are relatively easy care and well adapted to harsh and wet climates. The lambs make a fine consumer size, lean carcass with excellent flavor. The wool is hard wearing and outstanding for carpets, blankets, felt, and outerwear. They have beautiful horns which can be mounted or used in crafts. Scottie pelts have beautiful creamy white outer wool over a shorter, softer undercoat - much nicer than the mass produced shearling skins found at retail outlets.
Shetland Sheep are of small stature but make up for it with their big attitudes! They can be very friendly, and all have unique personalities. They have wonderful wool for spinning, ranging from soft, fine, crimpy "single" coats to coarser, more primitive "double" coats. Ours are somewhat in the middle, with wool that tests at 24 to 34 microns on second or later year fleeces. Shetland sheep come in many different shades of brown, black, grey and white, with a variety of markings possible. Most of our sheep are solid in color, and we have Katmoget (Badger Faced) and Gulmoget (Mouflon or reverse Badger Faced) marked sheep. Although smaller in size, Shetland meat is lean and tasty. A wonderful site full of information about Shetland Sheep is the Shetland Sheep Information Site, hosted by Linda Wendleboe and Kathy Baker.
Contact us if you are interested in reserving a lamb for the table or to start your own flock of Scottish Blackface, Shetland or Gotland Sheep, or for any of our other products.
Sheep for Sale! - We several nice sheep available for sale. Check the "For Sale" page for further information.
Sheep Products, limited quantities available:

Breeding Stock - contact us for more information or see the Sale Page

Locker Lamb - Lamb available in late October until sold.

Tanned Sheepskins - YES, we have some available, with more to come in the future.

Wool - Select Rovings and Raw fleeces are for sale.

Horns - Occasionally Availability.

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