Color Genetics of Gotland Sheep in North America

by Franna Pitt, PhD

Copyright, 2007


This paper describes the color genetics relevant to the Gotland upbreeding program of the Gotland Sheep Breeders Association of North America (GSBANA).

The classic grey Gotland sheep breed, developed in Sweden, has a small number of color alleles in their gene pool. Nine breeds are allowed as Foundation Ewes in the GSBANA Flock Book. These nine breeds bring a myriad of colors and patterns into the gene pool. How to get to the desireable Gotland grey genotype, utilizing the nine foundation breeds is addressed in this paper.

Included are a brief description of color genetics, relevant alleles at the B, A, E, and S loci, the desired Gotland genotype, and several color puzzles which apply the information contained in the paper.

Table of Contents