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EverRanch Farm will have a limited number of straws of NZ Gotland semen from the Chocolate Wool NZ flock. See the GSBANA AI Rams page - Hoppy, Flash (very limited) and Ralph
We also have Scottish Blackface semen available from three SBF rams collected in Scotland. Contact us for Availability.

SFCP enrollment is no longer required to buy sheep produced from UK semen!
Reserve your % Gotland lambs now!

The sheep below are for sale and available now unless otherwise noted.
We'll deliver within a reasonable distance for the cost of fuel.

We keep our Washington Wool dot Net sales page updated more often than this one!

Breed Name Sire Dam Sex DoB S/Tw/Tr Color Photo Price

Scottish Blackface Sheep for Sale

Our Scottie flock is on loan at this time and none are for sale.
There may be some 2010 lambs available from Ty and Lisa Cochran of Irish Acres Farm.

Contact us if you are interested in Scotties - we may be able to help find some for you.
Also visit the Scottish Blackface Breeders Union webiste:

Shetland Sheep for Sale
Breed Name Sire Dam Sex DoB S/Tw/Tr Color Photo Price
Shetland EverRanch Mindy VCreek Buddy Shady Oaks Marissa E April, 2009 Tw Musket (AgAaBbBbSSS?)

Mindy has long, wavy fleece and is mostly friendly. She's had one lamb and is a wonderful mom. She's halter trained.

Shetland EverRanch Toffee VCreek Buddy Puddleduck Venke E May, 2009 Tw Moorit (AaAaBbBbSSS?) updated photo coming $200
Toffee is a fairly small ewe, sweet like her dam. Fleece is partway between primitive and crimpy and should be fine-medium. Toffee is halter trained.

Shetland Ram Lambs
Breed Name Sire Dam Sex DoB S/Tw/Tr Color Photo Price
Shetland EverRanch Dusty Boulderneigh Blackberry EverRanch Mindy R 05/28/10 S Musket Gulmoget (AgAtBbBbSSS?MMM?)
photo coming
If you're looking for a double patterned, half poll ram, Dusty's your guy! His fleece is long and wavy and he's got a nice body. He is just a bit hocky and otherwise sound.

Shetland Ewe Lambs None available in 2010
Breed Name Sire Dam Sex DoB S/Tw/Tr Color Photo Price

Gotland Sheep for Sale
Adult Rams
Breed Name Sire Dam Sex DoB S/Tw/Tr Color Photo Price
75% Gotland EverRanch Jack UK Gotland, "Daniel" EverRanch Bunny (50% Gotland/50% Shetland R April, 2008 S Grey (AggAggBBBbSSSs)
Proven polled ram - produces very nice lambs with Gotland characteristics. Jack has very curly, lustrous grey fleece, nice tail, and is easy to handle. Halter trained. Jack carries brown.

75% Gotland EverRanch Danson UK Gotland, "Daniel" EverRanch Charcoal R April, 09 Triplet Grey (AggAgg?BBBBSSS?)
photo coming
Solid medium grey, outstanding curls and luster, nice conformation and decent personality. Danson produces fast growing, stylish lambs in various shades of grey. Outstanding price for a really nice Gotland ram.

% Gotland Ewes and Ewe Lambs
Breed Name Sire Dam Sex DoB S/Tw/Tr Color Photo Price
50% Gotland EverRanch Bossie UK Gotland, "Denzel" Triple L "Tucker" (Finnsheep) E April, 06 Quad Grey (AaAggBBBBSSSs)
photo coming
Bossie is one of our first 50% Gotlands. She's been to fairs and given us nice lambs - all rams! She's a good mom, halter trained, friendly. She was a Ladies Lead sheep for a friend's 5 year old. Nice grey color and medium, lustrous curls. Bossie is AI bred and is carrying 75% Gotland lamb(s?) due in late May.

50% Gotland EverRanch Angie EverRanch Kibbles (Gotland x Finnsheep) EverRanch Bunny (Gotland x Shetland) E April, 09 Single White (AwtA?BBB?S?Ss)
photo coming
NFS at this time
Angie is a beautiful sheep, with nice, lustrous Gotland like curls. She is out of our favorite 50% ewe, Bunny. She had twins in 2011 with her gorgeous curls, but lost the ram. She's raising the ewe lamb like a pro.

37.5% Gotland EverRanch Daisy EverRanch Jack (75% Gotland/ 25% Shetland) Tumble Creek Hortense (BLx BFL) E April, 09 Twin Solid black, turning silver (AggAaBBB?SSSsEdE+)
photo coming
Daisy is one of the favorite yearlings, and the largest of our % Gotlands. Her fleece is very curly and dark with silver highlights. Daisy is halter trained, friendly, and a two time Grand Champion Gotland cross winner. Daisy has twin ram lambs by RCF Caidon, an 87.5% Gotland/12.5% Shetland ram.

37.5% Gotland EverRanch Eclaire, Snow White and Randi EverRanch Danson (75% Gotland/ 25% Finnsheep) Niblet and Pinky E May and June, 2010 Triplets White and Black (Eclaire)
photo coming
$100 and $150 (Eclaire)
This cross produces incredible spinning fleeces, some of my favorites, and friendly, easy care sheep. These three are still available. Eclaire was Grand Champion NC ewe at the Island County Fair, and placed well at the Evergreen State Fair. Outstanding for such a young lamb!

% Gotland Ram Lambs
Breed Name Sire Dam Sex DoB S/Tw/Tr Color Photo Price
62.5% Gotland EverRanch Oliver EverRanch Danson (75% Gotland/ 25% Finnsheep) EverRanch Bossie R 5/7/2010 Twin Grey with small white spots on head (AggA?BBBBSsSs)
Oliver is a friendly ram lamb, suitable for fiber, and Landscape Engineering. He's nice enough to use for breeding. Nicely curled and good hand to his fleece.

75% Gotland EverRanch Steele EverRanch Jack (75% Gotland/ 25% Shetland) EverRanch Jewel (75% Gotland/25% Finnsheep) R 6/8/10 Single Grey (AggA?BBB?SSS?) Oliver is the lower lamb in photo.
Steele is coming along well as the last born of our 2010 lambs. He is very light grey with silky lustrous curls, sound body, and handsome head.

37.5%% Gotland EverRanch Abe Jack (Got/Shet Astrid (Shetland) R April, 2010 Single Dark Grey
Abe is friendly with soft handling fleece, some luster and plenty of wave and curl. He should mature at about 140 lb, and grow 6 to 8 lb of fleece a year.

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