Photo of Kathy Baker's NASSA Tartan
Photo courtesy of Kathy Baker, Nier Lakes Shetland Sheep, Alberta, Canada

Shetland Wool (NASSA*) Tartan Project, 2005!

This project has its roots with Linda Wendelboe and Kathy Baker of Alberta. They worked together with some neighboring Shetland Sheep producers, the mill and weavers, to design and create a very unique, natural Shetland product! The design uses approximately equal amounts of three color ranges - medium grey (greys, blacks, whites), medium brown (moorits, muskets, fawns, miogets), and white (white, light musket) - which showcase the color range of the Shetland sheep.

I was intrigued by the reports of the Project, so, volunteered to organize another similar project.

The target for submitting fleece to the mill is mid July, 2005. That date allows producers to plan for spring shearing, skirt and get the fleeces to me, and also allows some of the fleeces to be shown in the spring competitions - locally that's the Shepherd's Extravaganza and the Black Sheep Gathering!

In order to get back a quality product, wool for the project must meet certain criteria. A summary of these criteria for submitting wool are:

Check this page for examples of fleece faults and levels of VM.

Shares of fabric will be available by

The above numbers are estimates. When the fabric is received, the whole quantity will be divided based on % of shares for each individual. 10% of the total shares will result in receiving 10% of the fabric. I have tried to estimate the minimum amount of fabric above, and it's possible that we'll get more than 1 yard per share.

More details will be posted in the near future! If you're interested, please send me an email and let me know what you're thinking about wool amount, fabric amount, which option(s) sound good, etc.

Franna Pitt
EverRanch Farm
Auburn, Washington, USA

*NASSA - The North American Shetland Sheep Association
Tartan Fabric used as Tablecloth. Kathy Baker photo.
Photo courtesy of Kathy Baker, Nier Lakes Shetland Sheep, Alberta, Canada

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