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FLASH!! FLASH!! FLASH!! April 19, 2007 - An EverRanch Shetland Ram Lamb fleece won BEST SHETLAND FLEECE IN SHOW at the Shepherd's Extravaganza Handspinning Fleece Show!!! August 11, 2007, Skagit County Fair - RESERVE BEST IN SHOW FLEECE is won by an EverRanch Shetland Ewe Fleece! BEST IN SHOW is won by an EverRanch Finnsheep Ewe Fleece!!!

Most of the fleeces are sold and/or processed. We have some lovely light grey Shetland roving from Electra and some 75:25 Shetland:Alpaca roving in white. More natural colored Shetland:Alpaca blend rovings are coming. We have 7 colors already in stock. This roving makes stunning natural Fair Isle patterns.

We expect to have fall shorn fleeces available in October. Fall fleeces are so nice and clean without winter's hay in them!

I have lovely sport weight yarn in light brown-grey from Hortense (BFLxBL). Hortense's fleece was one of our most requested fleeces. Strong, lustrous, heathery grey. It is great for weaving, knitting and felting.

A selection of roving from my personal stash is listed at the end of the fleeces.

Pricing Guideline (postage is in addition to these prices as indicated)
  • GOTLAND % Fleece - Unbelievably soft and silky! Grey and White available
    • Lamb - $16/lb
    • Hogget (Yearling) - $14/lb
    • Adult - $12/lb (not yet available)
  • Shetland Fleece - available in white, grey, moorit, fawn. We select for finer Shetland fleeces.
    • Lamb - $16/lb
    • Hogget (Yearling) - $14/lb
    • Adult Ewe - $12/lb
    • Adult Ram - $10/lb
  • Scottish Blackface Fleeces
    • Lamb - $10/lb
    • Adult Ewe - $8/lb
    • Adult Ram - $5/lb
  • Other fleeces $8/lb to $16/lb
  • Roving
    • Generally raw fleece price + $10/lb
Prices may be adjusted up for exceptional quality and/or covered fleeces or down for marginal quality and sale fleeces.

2008 Fleeces Coming Soon
Shetland, Finnsheep, % Gotland, Scottish Blackface and More!

Roving from EverRanch Sheep

These rovings are from our own flock and are kept in a non-smoking home.
Guaranteed - return item within 2 weeks of receipt in original condition and purchase price less postage will be refunded.
PayPal preferred, check/money order accepted.

Ellwood. Shetland ram lamb fleece (2004 fleece). Very black, 5" to 7" staple, some crimp, mostly wavy. Show skirted (1st place Shetland ram fleeces, 1st place Natural Colored "3/8 blood" handspinning ram fleece). Roving. $1.50/oz
Egbert. Shetland ram lamb fleece (2004 fleece). Creamy white, 2" to 3.5" staple, soft and crimpy. More crimp in front. (2nd place Shetland ram fleeces, 2nd place White "3/8 blood" handspinning ram fleece).

Roving. $1.50/oz

Electra, 2007 fleece. Heathery light grey. Medium grade, silky, some luster. Lovely spinning. Approx. 32 AFD. Roving, 100% Electra. $1.50/oz

Natural Colored Roving, Excellent for Fair Isle designs - Shetland/Alpaca in an 80:20 blend. Multiple colors - Black, Greys, White, Fawn, several Moorit shades, Dark Brown.

Most of these fleeces won prizes at the Puyallup Fair Wool and Handspinning shows. Approx. AFD varies from 24 to 32.

Six of the Available Colors Shown
Hortense. Blue Faced Leicester x Border Leicester adult ewe fleece - 7 months growth. Absolutely gorgeous steely grey variegated Leicester fleece. I've got a pair of mittens made up in this, strong and warm! Yarn is from two shearings in 2006. Approx. 34 AFD. Now in Sport Weight Yarn. $5.00/oz
Stash Roving

The following rovings are from my personal "stash". There is a wide variety of wool and fiber in these offerings, and more than I can spin. My loss, your gain! Postage is not included in prices.

Romney lamb. Eggshell white and very soft Romney. This fiber is in 1 to 2 oz. batts. Very clean. I've been spinning this and there are just a few batts left. The yarn has a nice sheen and smooth finish.
Same Romney lamb blended with approximately 20% Tussah Silk. Exquisite! This fiber is in 1 to 2 oz. batts. Very clean. Just a couple batts left. This is fine and drapey with a wonderful hand.

Enjoy Spinning!

Completed Shawl

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