EverRanch Orville, Shetland ram lamb out of FirthofFifth Barish and EverRanch Blanca

The EverRanch 2011 Lamb Page

In 2011, EverRanch is expecting Gotland, Shetland, and Scottish Blackface lambs.
Many will be for sale; some of the ewes are for sale.
Reserve yours early for the best selection!

Our breeding goals include producing hardy sheep to each breed standard, delicious lamb and wonderful fleeces. Temperament is important, too. We won't tolerate destructive or difficult sheep. For additional information contact EverRanch by e-mail.

NASSA Registered Shetland Sheep due in March
Sire: Firth of Fifth Barish - Barish was the only Shetland sire we used in 2010. Barish is homozygous black, heterozygous katmoget, with a very fine, long fleece. He is a wonderful sized ram, about 90 lb, carries polled genetics, spots and modified colors. His sire is the UK ram Campaign Timothy. His lambs are looking impressive!

Dodge Electra - Grey, one of our original Shetlands, Electra has personality plus! Her fleece is double coated and flowing. I'm making a gorgeous lap blanket with her fleece.

Electra has TWINS! Spark - a grey katmoget ewe and Bolt - a black krunet ram.

Spark and Electra are pictured. Bolt is for sale.

Bitterroot Bessie - Fawn Katmoget, Bessie came to us by way of Julian Budde because she doesn't carry the polled gene. Her loss - our gain! Bessie is the sweetest Shetland in our flock and always has friendly lambs with soft, soft fleeces. Bessie has this year off and gets to be Auntie to all the lambs.  

Stonehaven Astrid - Moorit Gulmoget, Astrid was voted "sheep most wanted to take home" at the Skagit Fair in 2008. She has attitude and produces growthy, very correct lambs.

Astrid has a single black ram lamb - Abe. Abe is growthy and correct. A striking lamb. We expect no less from Astrid.

Abe is for sale.

EverRanch Blanca - White, homebred, friendly, lovely ewe with UK bloodlines. She carries a single coat with lots of crimp and nice length. (Blanca is incorrectly registered as 'Blance'.)

Blanca has white twins! Popcorn, a ewe, and Orville, a ram. Orville has decided to be friendly. It's wonderful when the lambs lean into your fingers, relax their eyelids and waggle their tails. Orville does it well. Popcorn is impressive - tight pincurls from front to back with lovely conformation.

Orville is on the left, Popcorn on the right. Orville is pictured at the top of the page, too.

Orville is for sale.

EverRanch Toffee - Medium moorit, the last daughter of Puddleduck Venke. She's small in size and large in personality. Her fleece is long and flowing with some crimp. V Creek Buddy is her sire - 18.9 micron lamb fleece, 24 micron adult fleece with plenty of length. Toffee, shown in full fleece, is for sale.
EverRanch Mindy - Musket, Mindy has old Shetland lines close up in her pedigree. She also has a longer fleece, double coated with some crimp. Mindy's sire is V Creek Buddy, a smaller ram with modified moorit, long, fine fleece and solid conformation. Mindy is friendly, halter trained, and for sale.  
EverRanch Snowflake - Larger white ewe. Snowflake carries a large, crimpy fleece and has a wonderful personality.  


Gotland Sheep due in March and April.

Sire: RCF Caidon - registered Gotland - 87.5% Gotland/12.5% Shetland. Caidon is solid colored with beautiful curly grey fleece.

Caidon's fleece won 3rd place Longwool at the Shepherds' Extravaganza Fleece Show!

EverRanch Chloe - 37.5% Gotland/50% Finn/12.5% Shetland. Chloe has a lovely, curly fleece. She's spotted grey with typical, agile Northern Short-tail conformation.

Chloe has a leggy, statuesque, grey wether lamb. Shown are Chloe's son (left), Chloe (behind), and Rikki's 3rd triplet ewe (right front). Chloe lost her ewe lamb and adopted one of Rikki's (with a lot of "help" from shepherds Karin and Emily!)

Chloe is for sale.

EverRanch Rikki - 37.5% Gotland/50% Finn/12.5% Shetland. Rikki is almost a clone of Chloe, slightly smaller with more white.

Rikki has triplet ewes! All three are grey, one with a small bit of white on her head, one with more white, and a third, lighter grey, with a mostly white head like mom (shown above with Chloe).

Pictured is number 1 showing off all her lovely curls.

EverRanch Daisy - 37.5% Gotland/25% BlueFaced Leicester/25% Border Leicester/12.5% Shetland. Daisy is a bigger ewe, slightly heavier boned due to her Leicester background. She's covered with lots of solid, dark grey curls, and is friendly and inquisitive.

Daisy has twin rams - Patch, very light grey and darker grey, Morgan, pictured. Both Patch and Morgan are for sale. They would make excellent fiber wethers, field mowers and brush trimmers.

EverRanch Angie - 50% Gotland/25% Shetland/25% Finn. Angie is a striking white ewe, with lovely expression and drapey, purled, lustrous fleece. She has wonderful conformation.

Angie had twins but lost the ram lamb at less than 24 hours old. Her ewe lamb, Delilah, is delightful! Full of even curls all over her body.


Gotland Sheep - This group has a good chance of producing brown-grey color as well as grey. Lambs are due in April. All are Gotland/Shetland.

Sire: EverRanch Jack - 75% Gotland/25% Shetland, medium grey, lustrous and curly.

Owl Hill Deepti - 50% Gotland/50% Shetland. DeeTee is a medium grey, lovely ewe with a lot of Gotland characteristics. She grows a beautiful, curly medium grey fleece with a bit less luster than the others. She throws more luster in her lambs. DeeTee is for sale.

Dee Tee has twin ewe lambs, both grey with lots of lovely curls - DJ (pictured) and JD. One of these 62.5% Gotland girls will be for sale.

EverRanch Alice - 75% Gotland/25% Shetland. Alice has a softer, light grey fleece with nice luster and purl. Alice is friendly and conformationally correct.  
EverRanch Marie - 75% Gotland/25% Shetland. Marie is Alice's twin and had more luster and is very dark grey. Her fleece is very Gotland like. Marie had a long legged, dark ram lamb covered with curls, and is being a wonderful mother. George is for sale.
EverRanch Cocoa Puff - 25% Gotland/75% Shetland. DeeTee's daughter by fence jumper Shetland, V Creek Buddy. Puff is a lovely young ewe with distinctly purled, soft handling, light brown fleece (mioget). Puff has a cute, bouncy, dark grey ewe lamb - Licorice Drop. Puff and Licorice are for sale.  


Gotland Sheep - the AI group with lambs due in late May
Sire: NZ rams Hoppy and Ralph. Backup ram - RCF Calloway
We have Gotland semen for sale from three NZ rams - Hoppy, Ralph and Flash.
EverRanch Bossie - 50% Gotland/50% Finn. Bossie was our Ladies' lead sheep as a youngling and has stayed friendly and calm. Her fleece is nicely lustrous and curly medium grey with some white on her head and legs. Bossie is for sale.  
EverRanch Bits - 50% Gotland/50% Finn. Bits is very friendly and has the finest fleece of our Gotland ewes. Her white fleece has lovely luster and curl - very special.  
EverRanch Bunny - 50% Gotland/50% Shetland. Bunny has produced very well for us. Her lambs are vigorous, nicely put together and have curly, lustrous fleeces. Bunny is solid, medium grey with distinct curls.  
EverRanch Gem - 75% Gotland/25% Finn. Gem was Supreme Ewe at the first North American Registered Gotland show, just before going Best Ewe in Show over 6 other breeds. She is delightful, with curly, lustrous, very dark grey fleece, bright expression and nimble conformation.  
EverRanch Jewel - 75% Gotland/25% Finn. Jewel is Gem's triplet sister, a bit lighter in color and almost as nice. Jewel lambed as a yearling.  
EverRanch Chamois - 50% Gotland/25% Finn. Chamois was the fastest growing of triplet ewe lambs and has a wonderful, soft, curly and lustrous white fleece.  


Gotland Sheep - Due in April
Sire - EverRanch Dancer - 75% Gotland/25% Finnsheep. Dancer is typey Northern Short-tail from our finest fleeced Gotland/Finn ewe, Bits. His fleece is has a tighter curl and nice luster. Photos coming!

EverRanch Topper - 50% Gotland/50% Finn. Topper is a friendly ewe with medium grey fleece and a bit of white on her head and legs. She's a triplet sister to Chamois.

Topper has twin ewe lambs! Good girl, Topper.




Scottish Blackface
Sire: One of the 75% Gotlands! Unplanned happens.  

EverRanch Eve - Eve is a very calm, productive ewe. She's the daughter and granddaughter of Scottish rams from Martin Scott, both traditional bell brow type and the new "improved" type. We're breeding her back to her grandsire for 2011 lambs.

Eve couldn't wait for the AI this year and had a behind the barn tryst with one of the Gotland rams. hmph. She has twin lambs born on Ash Wednesday - Ashley and Lenny.


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