Some of our AI'd ewes, Bossie, Charcoal, Freckles and whites Brain and Pinky

The EverRanch 2008 Lamb Page

For 2008 Lambs, EverRanch is again expecting % Gotland lambs, in addition to purebred Shetlands, and purebred Scottish Blackface. Our "Main Man" is UK Gotland, Daniel, who has one chance at 15 of our ewes. It will be "Christmas" in early April at EverRanch.

Our AI date was November 17th. It was a busy afternoon inseminating 15 of our ewes and 4 of Joanne Martinis' ewes.. I captured part of it in photos - click HERE to see them.

Update March 20, 2008. It appears that at least 10 of the AI ewes "settled" with Daniel lambs. There will be a few others, as both Kibbles and Bubba were seen breeding ewes in their cleanup groups. We have many "wide loads" in the barn where the 6 Finnsheep, Hortense and Lindy are residing. The Hilton is housing the Shetlands and first timers. We have 16 rather pregnant looking ewes - and Sweet Pea, who is just starting to show some teat development. Eve is likely to be the first to lamb, I'm guessing in about 10 days, and it looks like Sweet Pea may be the last. The weeks of April 6, then April 20th will be very busy here at EverRanch.

Our breeding goals include producing hardy sheep to each breed standard, delicious lamb and wonderful fleeces. Temperament is important, too. We won't tolerate destructive or difficult sheep. For additional information contact EverRanch by e-mail.

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