EverRanch 2007 Scottish Blackface Lambs from our AI group

March, 2008 update: Our Scottie flock is on loan for a couple of years. We just couldn't see having NO Scotties at all here at home, so kept Butch, Sweet Pea and Eve here. Teebo went to Canada, the rest are on loan. Wicket covered all the ewes (except Luna, his dam), so there should be a number of nice ram lambs available later this spring - both 50% UK and 25% UK.

This year was the second year of our AI program with our Scottish Blackface sheep. We had very little success last year, only having two ewes catch, and then losing two of the four lambs that we received. This year, we decided to perform our AI later in the year as Scotties are seasonal breeders, breeding in the fall, and do not cycle all year as some other breeds do.

First our big disappointment of the year was that Dallie, our best producing ewe ended up being open this year. Then we noticed that her daughter, Gala, our best AI ewe lamb from last year was bred by our Finn ram, Eino, a couple of weeks after the AI was performed. However, all the rest of our ewes took and gave us an awesome group of lambs this year and (easily) the nicest group of Scottie lambs that we have EVER had... One of the situation that arises when AI'ing a group all at the same time is that they usually all lamb right around the same time too. This can be good in that you have an idea when it is, but it can also get pretty hairy trying to figure out where to jug everyone. All of our Scottie lambs were born over just two days this year, April 4th and 5th.

First to lamb was a Dallie daughter, EweOne. Last year she gave us a very nice AI girl, Jennie. This year she gave us our first ever Scottie triplets! On the fourth of April, she gave us two ewe lambs, Pogo and Sweetpea, and a ram lamb Butch. Notice in the left photo below that Butch has a splint on his leg. On their FIRST night out of the jug something happened and when Franna came out the next morning both bones in his lower leg were broken. A quick dash to the vet and he comes home with a splint on. We tried to bottle feed him, which he didn't like too much, and were putting him with mom every few hours. We could tell that this was not going to work out long-term as he was hungry and lonely. One of Franna's Shetland friends suggested jugging mom and the sisters as well, so that is what we did. We put two jugs side by side with mom in one and all three lambs in the other. Every four hours for about two weeks one or both of us would go out and put the babies in with mom for nursing. After a couple of weeks when he was starting to get around better, we put a creep gate between the two jugs so the lambs could come and go from mom... So far that has worked out pretty good. The two ewe lambs are becoming very tame. He is not so much, and we are not encouraging him to be, so we may be okay there. As of today (5/4) he has about one more week to go splinted. Anyway, back to April 4th - also lambing on that day was EweOne's daughter Jennie, who gave us a very fine single ewe lamb, and our first ever Scottie lamb with 75% Scottish imported bloodlines. She is in the picture below right.

Left - Pogo, Sweetpea in the middle, and Butch - stylish in his black and silver splint !!!
Jennie's girl - mom surfing !!!
Left - Butch (red splint now) , middle - Pogo, and Sweetpea left - one month old !!!
Jennie's Girl (Eve) at one month old !!!!

Next on the 5th of April, we got a VERY nice set of Ram Lambs from Luna. We were hoping that we would give us a ram as she is the least related to all our other ewes. She gave us not one, but two, so now we can choose the best one to keep for ourselves and have one to sell as well... They both have very dark faces and we named them Wicket and Teebo. Any ideas about where those names came from??? (Same hint as for the Shetland lambs, it is also a movie, but it is a different one) Wicket is also shown at the top right of this page... And finally, finishing off our Scottie lambs and also on April 5th, we received a really nice ewe lamb from Bonnie, another first time mom. Bonnie's girl, Etta, is shown top left on this page as well...

Above and Below - Left - Wicket and Teebo on the right...
Etta about three days old !!!
The boys are pretty unseparable along with their buddy - Bubba
Etta - one month old !!!

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Quiz answer - the movie with Wicket and Teebo? Star Wars! They are both Ewoks in the third/last movie.