Bessie and her Triplets. EverRanch Rool

EverRanch 2007 Shetland Lambs from Bessie and Val

We purchased Bitterroot Bessie and her lamb, Little Country Val from Juliann Budde in Illinois last spring. We didn't actually get them out here until November. Before they came out here, they were put in with one of Juliann's rams - Sheltering Pines Octavian, a gulmoget shetland ram.

On Thursday, March 29th, 2007, Bessie became the first ewe of 2007 to present us with lambs !!! Not one, not two, but THREE gorgeous lambs !!! This was a first for us has we have NEVER had triplets before. There is a really nice Katmoget ewe and a Gulmoget ram and Gulmoget ewe !!! To the best of our knowledge, they are the first two Gulmogets in the Pacific NorthWest !!! We named the Gulmoget ram Franjean. We named his Gulmoget sister Elora and the Katmoget sister was named Sorsha. Five points to anyone who can tell us where those names came from :-) In the photo above left, the lambs are, from left to right, Sorsha, Elora and Franjean with mom, Bessie in the back.

Val followed up on April 9th and presented us with a really nice, single ram lamb that we named Rool. His name comes from the same place that Bessie's kids are named from. So far, no one has offered up any suggestions... (Hint - they all come from a movie..., see the bottom of the page for the answer :-) Anyway, the photo above right is Rool taken at about 2 weeks old.

We are keeping Elora. Sorsha and Rool both went to Canada, and Franjean is for sale.

And below are a few more pictures because lambs are just so darn CUTE !!!

Elora demonstrates the fine art of "mom-surfing"...
"Hey, can we ALL fit on mom ???"
"Hey, what's that funny thing you're pointing at me???"
EverRanch Rool
Sleepy time for Sorsha...


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Quiz Answer - all the lambs names came from the movie "Willow". Elora was the baby, Sorsha the daughter of the wicked sorceress, Franjean and Rool the two Brownies who helped/hindered Willow on his Quest to get Elora to the good King and Queen.