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2006 AI Scottish Blackface Lambs

EverRanch Farm is honored to have delivered the first Scottish Blackface lambs born of imported UK semen. Many thanks to Graham Phillipson of Littledale Farm for organizing and heading the effort to bring in Blackie semen!

Photos below show EverRanch Genesis "Jennie" (out of EverRanch EweOne) and EverRanch Galadriel "Gala," (out of Dallie).
EverRanch Genesis at 1 month of ageEverRanch Galadriel at 1 month of age
Jennie at 1 month of age.Gala's curiosity is piqued by the camera.
The two half sisters look like twins!
Just try telling these two apart! Jennie is on the left and Gala is on the right.
Here's Dad's photo. He's a magnificent Blackie ram owned by Martin Scott of Scotland.

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