Damsel and her first lambs.

EverRanch 2005 Scottish Blackface Lambs

Blackie ewes, Dallie, Donut, and Luna, were be joined by yearling Damsel (pending her sale) and ewe lamb EweOne to produce this year's lambs.

These lambs were all sired by "Joe", on loan from Jim Newman. His photo is at the bottom of this page.

EverRanch Gretel and EverRanch Hansel

Gretel at 1 week oldHansel at 1 week old
Damsel welcomed the lambing season in with her first lambs - twins! Hansel and Gretel - on a balmy February 23rd. The three of them are pictured at the head of this page, Gretel at 1 week old is above to the left. Hansel is pictured above to the right on his favorite stump. Gretel at 1 month (left) and 6 months (right) is shown below.
Gretel at 6 months oldGretel at 6 months old

EverRanch Clyde and EverRanch Bonnie

Clyde at 1 monthBonnie at 4 weeks old
Dallie followed her daughter Damsel almost 2 weeks later on March 5, another late winter day. Clyde (4 weeks old) is shown above at left. Daughter Bonnie (4 weeks old) is shown above right.
Clyde and Hansel at 4 weeks old

Clyde (above) and Hansel (below) at about 1 month old


Clyde at about 6 months old.

Bonnie at 6 monthsBonnie at 6 months

Bonnie at 6 months, left and above.

EverRanch Poptart

Mother and sonPoptart at 4 weeks old
Donut completed the Scottie "Lamb Pack" by having Poptart three days after Dallie's twins were born. March 8, 2005. Above are Donut and Poptart, and below is Poptart at about 6 months old. He lost his left horn at about 6 weeks of age and it has grown back well. Poptart and Clyde are pictured below right at 6 months old, just before showing in the Puyallup Fair.
PoptartTwo young bucks

EverRanch Dairk (dark) and EverRanch Leicht (light)

Luna does GoodLuna's Girls at 5 months old
Luna had her second set of twins on April 10, both ewes this time. One has less black on her face - "Leicht", and the other has more black - "Dairk". They are pictured above at a few minutes old with mom and about 5 months old.

EverRanch Thumbelina and EverRanch Cinderella

Tiny GirlLess Tiny Girl
EweOne surprised us with twin ewe lambs on May 7. She was barely a year old herself. These girls were about Shetland size when born and should catch up to the others in a year or so. They are pictured at about 4 months old. Thumbelina is on the left and Cinderella is on the right.

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