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EverRanch has two breeding groups for the 2005 Lambing season, the Scottish Blackface and Mule Group, and the Shetland Group. Our breeding goals include producing hardy sheep to each breed standard, delicious lamb and wonderful fleeces. Temperament is important, too. We won't tolerate destructive or difficult sheep.

Our core of Keeper ewes, Dallie, Donut, Luna, Hortense, Asa, and Electra, will be joined by ewe lambs EweOne and Jill. Still for sale are Damsel, Solstice and Ewenice.

We added two white British style Shetland ewes from Jim and Brandy Chastain's Whistlestop Farm to the flock this winter. Daisy and Daphne have been AI'd with semen from the white Shetland ram "Skeld".

Plans for importing Scottish Blackface semen have reached their conclusion, successfully, I may add. We recently had our five ewe breeding flock ai'd with the first of the imported semen. Stay tuned for the lambs that we get in 2006 !!!

Jasper, our Shetland "main man" for the last couple of years and Caesar will both be staying around until they are sold. See the sale page for further information !!! For our 2006 breeding season, we recently added a very nice black ram lamb from Jim and Brandy Chastain's Whistlestop Farm. William, or Willy, should give us some very nice Shetland lambs for 2006 and beyond. Stay tuned !!!

For our 2005 Scottish Blackface breeding group, we borrowed a ram from Jim Newman. "Joe" is a sturdy two year old with nice horns and a long straight back. His first lambs were born in late February (2005) to Damsel - twins Hansel and Gretel, followed a couple days later by Dallie's twins - Bonnie and Clyde. Donut was next with another single ram lamb - Poptart. Details and pictures can be found by following the link below.

Joe Resting up for a Busy SeasonJoe watching over his Girls

Scottish Blackface (Plus)
Shetland Sheep

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