Lambda and Spot, 5/25/2004

EverRanch Spot - Dodge Ellwood ex Newman 719 (Lambda)

After weeks of waiting, and waiting, and waiting some more, and watching Lambda grow huge! Hoping for twins, leery of triplets, not even considering a single, then along comes singleton Spot! At birth, Spot is almost as big as 2 weeks old Oreo!

It didn't take long to decide her name, just look at her body - none of the other Scotties or Scottie crosses have Spots like that! If she goes according to sheepy spotting genetics, I guess she really has one big white spot with several medium "holes" where the black shows through :)

Spot and her other side.
Spot with Mom. Spot's about 9 weeks old here and making up for being the last lamb born in 2004 by GROWING!

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