Speckles and her 2004 Twins

EverRanch Smokey Quartz and EverRanch Pearl
Bitterroot Jasper ex Breezy Meadows Speckles

Speckles gave us no doubt that she was ready to have her lambs. She staked out her space in one of the open lambing jugs and we noticed her there when showing the other lambs to some visitors. She surprised us with her speed, though. When the visitors were gone a bit later, Speckles had two spunky, wet ewe lambs following her around! Smokey is black with white on her neck, face and shoulders, Pearl is brown. Both of their fleeces are lightening (Ag) at the skin.
Smokey during her first day. (Ag/A? BB/B? Ss/Ss)Pearl at the same age, still wet! (Ag/As? Bb/Bb SS/S?)
Here they are at about 2 weeks of age.

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