Asa and her 2004 Twins

EverRanch SamIYam and EverRanch Suzie Q
Bitterroot Jasper ex Puddleduck Venke ("Asa")

Asa is our nicest bodied Shetland ewe and produces rams with great highset type horns. We had our wish for Katmoget lambs fulfilled when she delivered not one, but two! on April 12. SamIYam is a black/grey Katmoget ram and Suzie Q is moorit/fawn katmoget. They're lively and quick and easily keep up with the older Shetland lambs.
Suzie at just over 1 week old. $350

**Suzie is reserved.**

Sam with his sister at the same age.
The Kat twins from behind - just like Dad.

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