Dodge Diadora and her 2004 Lamb, Missy, at 1 hour old.

EverRanch Miss Marble - Bitterroot Jasper ex Dodge Diadora

A?/Ag BB/B? Ss/Ss
Dia followed her daughter in lambing 3 days later on March 28 at 10 am on a wonderful sunny spring day! Missy was up and nursing in less than a half hour and hopping around the jug in under 2 hours. She's a cutie, black and white marbled, with the telltale signs of the Ag gene for fading to grey as she grows up. She's already larger than her niece, Blaze.

Consensus has it that Missy's black "cape" is a Bielset marking and should be heritable. I wonder if it has anything to do with a combination of Katmoget and grey genes - AbAg.

For Sale - $250

Below is Miss Marble at 1 hour old.
Missy is the largest of our Shetland lambs by far. The two photos below are of her at just over 3 weeks of age.

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