Eliza and her First Lamb, 2004

EverRanch Caesar - Bitterroot Jasper ex Dodge Eliza

On April Fool's Day, Eliza had her lamb right on top of a Muscovy hen nest! Eliza and the hen were not impressed with each other, but Eliza's little black boy didn't much care. Since she's being so solicitous of her little bundle, he won the name - Caesar!

Caesar has the telltale signs of a fade to grey future, white tufts in his ears and white frosted lips, just like his mom did!

Eliza didn't want to settle in the jug very well until we put Mom, Speckles, in the jug next door. Maybe that'll give Speckles the idea that she ought to give birth sometime soon.

Caesar enjoying his first day.
Caesar looking more mature at 3 weeks old.

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