Hortense and her Twins

EverRanch Jill and EverRanch Jack
Jimmy ex Tumblecreek Hortense

Hortense was the third ewe to deliver on March 4. We were occupied with settling in Dallie and Donut with their lambs and heard another ewe "nicker" behind us! There was Hortense straining pretty hard, making quite a chorus between the three of them. With 3 jugs full, we quickly turned the creep area into a 4th jug and ushered Hortense in with just minutes to spare. Her ewe lamb, Jill, was practically born on her feet. She's a lively little grey faced girl. Being Hortense's first lambing, we thought she was probably done. She had other plans. In just a few minutes, lamb number 2 was born, Jack, another coal black ram, like half brother/uncle Rambucktious.
Here's Jill, the little grey faced cutie at 1 day old.Jack gets quality time with Mom.
Below are the Twins at 10 days old with Mom.Jill at 7 weeks old. What a beautiful lamb!
Handsome Jack, 3 months old, is at right. His wool shows some signs of lightening up to that gorgeous silvery grey.
Jill, also at 3 months old, is keeping Auntie Hilda company after Rambucktious was moved to the Big Boys pen.

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