Ewenice, EverRanch Farm's First 2004 Lamb


Ewenice is the first of our Border Leicester/Scottish Blackface cross sheep, a Scottish Mule type, born Feb. 26, 2004. Mom is Lucy, purchased from Tumblecreek farm, 7/8 Border Leicester and 1/8 Coopworth. Dad is Jimmy, purchased from Jim Newman's Longview farm. She is a real cutie and might have a future producing UK type market lambs for us.

Ewenice with Mom on her Birthday.
Ewenice at 1 week old.Ewenice with Mom, Lucy, getting the first tastes of sweet grass hay.
She's growing into a beautiful ewe! Here at 8 weeks old.
Lucy with Ewenice at about 3 months old. Ewenice will be staying at EverRanch to produce market lambs.

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