Donut and her 2004 Boy

EverRanch Napoleon - Jimmy ex Sunnydaze Donut

After 2 very nice ewe lambs (Luna and Krueller), this is Donut's first Ram lamb. He was born late afternoon on March 4, the first of 5 born within about an hour and a half. Half-sister Dallie tried to steal him, but Donut was having none of that! Leading names so far are Winchell and Bearclaw. Then Napoleon won out. Though not a fried dessert, a Napoleon is still a cake confection.
Napoleon at 1 day old.And another view.
Little guy's pretty photogenic. Here he is a couple more times, still at 1 day old.
One more time now with Mom. He likes to sleep in the cozy little nook formed between the post and the jug panel, behind the feeder.
Here's Napoleon with Mom at 10 days old. He's growing fast!

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