EverRanch Nate D. - 2004 Ram Lamb by Jimmy ex Guy's Doll

Doll was the first of the EverRanch Scottish Blackface ewes to lamb in 2004, on Wednesday, March 3. She's not quite 1 year old. They were outside in the cold rain being guarded by Buster, the llama. Here's her boy after he dried off and warmed up.Doll's Ram
And here's Mom and son in a bonding moment. Doll's taking to motherhood just like her Scottish ancestors.
This boy was christened at 2 days old. Following the EverRanch naming tradition of no particular theme, Doll's first babe is now "Nate D." (for Nathan Detroit)
Like Mother, Like Son

12 days old Nate and Mom

Nate has plenty of energy!
...to run To...
...and Fro.

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