Dallie's Own Twins

Dallie's Girls of 2004 - EweOne and EweToo

Dallie tried so hard to steal Ewenice from Lucy. Then she tried to steal Donut's ram lamb a week later. This time, however, she was really in labor and delivered EweOne about 30 minutes later. EweOne was barely up when EweToo made her debut. March 4, 2004
Double Trouble - EweOne and EweToo at about 18 hours old.
Dallie and Jimmy's EweOne.EweOne again.
Here's EweToo catching some shut-eye, above.Here are both sisters. They look almost identical!

EweToo is in the front in this photo.

EweToo (left) and EweOne (right) playing "Bookends" at about 1 week old.
They still look like Bookends at 7 weeks old. EweOne is on the left and EweToo is on the right.
Dallie's Girls are shown below at about 3 months old. The first 2 photos are EweOne, who will be staying here at EverRanch with Mom. The third photo is EweToo, who is for sale. She's very sweet for a Scottie and has a curiously deep "baaaa".

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