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EverRanch had 3 breeding groups for 2004 lambs. The Scottish Blackface group includes the Leicester cross ewes and is headed by Jimmy DeRammy (reg. Scottish Blackface), with cleanup by Dodge Ellwood (reg. Shetland). The first Shetland group is headed by Bitterroot Jasper, and the second group by Dodge Ellwood. The first lambs were born in late February, with the bulk born in March, a few in early April, then some stragglers in May.

Jimmy's 10 lambs were born between February 26 and March 14. The count is 6 Scotties - 3 ewes, 3 rams, and 4 Leicester Cross - 2 ewes, 2 rams.

Ellwood's first lamb was born on March 25 - a single Shetland ewe lamb; the second on May 4, another single ewe lamb. His others will be crosses with Scottish Blackface or BFLxBL. The first of the Scottie crosses was born May 8 - "Oreo", and the second "Spot" on May 25. I think next year the rams will be separated sooner so the lambs aren't so late in coming!

Jasper's 6 lambs came between March 28 and April 12 - 4 ewes and 2 rams, including 2 Katmogets, a ram and a ewe.

Watch the lambs grow on this page, and continue growing on Page 2! Lambs in June.

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