EverRanch 2003 Lambs

Valentine (single ram Jimmy X Lambda)
Here's looking at you!
Southbound Valentine
Valentine at 1 month old.
Another nice Scottie tail like his half sister, Donut.
Valentine at 1 month old
Val and Buster
Valentine. I'll bet Jimmy looked a lot like Val at this age.
Valentine and his Buddy, Buster the Llama

2003 Lamb number 2. Single ewe lamb by Jimmy X Dallie. Damsel is for sale - $150
Dallie with Damsel at 1 day old
Damsel at 4 weeks old
Damsel at 1 day old with Mom, Dallie
Damsel at 1 month old. She's really looking good.

2003 Lambs 3 and 4 born April 13, 2003. Krueller (Single ewe, Jimmy X Donut), $75 for Sandman, wether, Jimmy X Latte.
Krueller at 3 days
Sandman, Half Scottie
Krueller at 2 days old. Another nice ewe lamb from Donut.
Sandman at 2 days old. He's a beautiful light sand color with darker brown on his legs and a sprinkle of black freckles on his nose. Half Scottie and half Icelandic/Shetland X.

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